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    Hi. I am almost certain my chicken has sour crop. My 19-20 week old Has not been feeling well, not eating but still drinking when offered. This morning I felt her crop and it felt like a half-filled water balloon. My other 2 chickens were flat. After reading lots of posts on sour crop I slowly gave her 1ml of half water and half Braggs ACV while massaging her crop. She did not seem to mind at all and actually started to fall asleep in my lap.
    My questions are: is the half water and half ACV the correct dose and how much should I give. I read 1 syringe but how many ml or cc is the syringe and how often? I think I read every hour somewhere. Yesterday I bought some baby chick feed and electolyte powder at the feed store and she did eat some of the feed mixed in with the electrolyte water mixture. That was before I figured she had sour crop and it did seem to give her a bit more energy and her stools were less watery. Should I continue that as well?
    I appreciate any advice. Thanks so much!
    I have recieved so much valuable info on this forum. I plan to buy plastic waterers and give a maintainance dose of the ACV to their water too.
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    Have you tried olive oil in her crop when you massage it? It can help her purge the bad bacteria that's bloating her crop and making it so she can't digest properly.

    I've never heard of dosing them with 50/50 water & AVC. I just put it in the waterer so everytime the chicken drinks it gets some. usually about 1/2 a cup to every 1/2 gallon of water. also try giving her some plain yogurt, it will help balance her digestive bacteria and get it back where it needs to be. Keep feeding her the chick feed and electrolyte mixture since she will eat it. try mixing the yogurt with the feed too [​IMG] hope she gets to feeling better

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