Release the Ferrets!!
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Jan 18, 2008
I call male cow excrement.
Okay fine, I usually can’t. But that’s part of the problem and why I was thinking it could possibly be real or at least something else besides just will or whatever because I’ve literally tried putting it down a million times and I can’t. I get super anxious and have to check it again immediately. Or I freak the hell out if I don’t have it and am constantly thinking about it until I can get it again. And I constantly lose track of time on it as you probably know. I don’t mean to be on it so long and then just “whoops.” If I could put it down, I would have a long time ago. Believe it or not hah but I guess that’s why I have to work harder at it. Cause nobody else can force me to do it (though therapy may help haha) and no pills exist for it yet haha but I’m very very bad at self control/will power. Not even just with the phone. Most other things probably haha but I can think of a few in particular off the top of my head. And most of them I still have to actively fight it daily. The phone’s the same way.
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