Adding Day Olds to Week Olds


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
As you all probably know by now, I have my first group of 3 chicks (what do you call that?) right now, just picked up Tuesday. Next Tuesday I will be picking up three more chicks from the same hatchery, they will be day-olds (I just HAD to have Dominiques but there weren't any available on my original pick up date). I hope to be able to integrate the newbies with the girls I have now. I understand I will have to take it slow and watch everyone. I have a screen that I can use to separate the brooder. My question is, do I need to quarantine the new chicks? Or no, because they are all babies and they all came from the same hatchery?

You should be fine putting them together. I just put 2 week old ducklings in with 2 week old red broilers and after 1 day, they are fine together. The chicks would herd the ducklings at first but now, they mingle. Since they are from the same hatchery, they don't need to be quarentined. Have fun!

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