Adopted Year old leghorn hens not laying?


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Just recently became chicken owners and could use some advice.
I have 2 RIR 7 week old pullets, 1 RIR 7week old Roo and also adopted 5 Leghorn hens about 1 year old. They were the former owners sons pets and were not being well cared for. I have had them for almost a month. None fo the hens have laid yet. I am thinking it is the transition and the heat. We live in SE Georgia. It's been in the 90's. One of the hens lost fanny feathers and was posturing as if to lay but nothing happened. I know you are thinking I was given much older birds but I've known the former owner for years. Just not the type to deceive. I was thinking about putting a fan in the coop. Feed is layer pellets for the big girls and starter crumbles for the little ones.

Thanks for your help!

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When I adopted my ducks, it took them 2 months to start laying once they got settled in their new home. Of course, it was winter and that may have been an issue too. High heat might be a cause. If you have electric and can run a fan in the coop, it sounds like a good thing to try.
Thanks for the advice. We are placing a fan in the coop. Hopefully that will help. I'll let you know when the first egg arrives.
If they were undernourished, it may take their bodies a while to catch up. Plus, you moved them. Most of the hens that I have bought when they were laying took at least a month, some of them 2 months to get back into production.

If they were neglected, you would do them a favor to worm them and make sure they don't have mites or lice.

You can't hurry them, they will lay when they are ready !
Still no eggs!!! 14 months old now. It is hot as blazes here. I put a fan in the coop. Read up on the worming and yogurt seemed to be the best treatment. They are eating well and love their vegetable treats. We gave them peach peelings the other day and it looked like a feeding frenzy. What is the normal age for leghorns to start laying anyway?
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