Adorable Poults


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
These two poults are more clingy than the other three I have, they both like to be together and also like to be with me. The black one especially (which is a poult which is likely a failure to thrive one, is almost half the size of the slate one next to it!) will follow me around and make sad noises when I am away from the brooder. Keeping the poult with me for a couple of hours a day hopefully won't do much harm, since "she" (not sure, but 'it' seems so inanimate) craves the attention. The slate one is Everest, while the black one is Sierra for now. Kinda going on a geographical theme, starting with mountains and mountain ranges

Don't mind the cat, yes she wants to eat the little fluffs, but won't ever get the chance!

Not long after that picture was taken, they moved up in the world to right next to my laptop. I put scrap paper under their bums in case they decided to poop!

Aw, the little one wants to be an accountant, and the other wants to be a computer geek.
JC, how old is your non thriving poult? These two are just over two weeks. Feathered the same amount, just a massive size difference.

I wish I could train the little one to do my taxes every year! However, I think she'd just poop on the forms!
They were hatched on 5/11. Feathering is the same on my runt. It also had difficulty walking. I keep saying I am going to cull, but I haven't, yet
Mine hatched on the 5/13, so they aren't too far behind. Thankfully my little one has OK balance. I hope both our runts catch up with their peers!

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