Adult Serama pair


10 Years
May 19, 2009
Seramas are my new passion, and I hate to lose any of them, but as my hatching skills improve, I need to make room for more of my own breeding. I am offering Jester, the friendliest guy on the farm, and a pleasure to look at. He weighs 480g. You will be given a choice of hens:
Dorothy, hatched August 1, 410g.

or Carmelita, her hatchmate, 310g.

While Jester has sired fertile eggs, I have no chicks from the hens, and I cannot gaurentee their fertility. Carmelita is a size "A", and she has not laid an egg yet. Dorothy has given me eggs, but she is currently taking a break. I will entertain offers for the three together.
I can throw in some eggs, too. My own hatch rate this year has been 3%, but othrs seem to do really well with my eggs. I can pack them in a carton and tape them to the inside of the shipping box.
They're very cute! Good luck finding them a nice home, I hope someone wanting seramas takes this chance.
I would consider taking them, but I'm also breeding my own and have a breeder right nearby me, so I'm pretty booked as far as seramas go for now!
Sold! Good luck with them; I miss Jester already!

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