Advice Needed (again) LOL <----- we are new to this! Re: broody Muscovy hen

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by MacDonald Farm, Feb 11, 2013.

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    So my lovely little Muscovy hen I had thougtht was missing for the last few weeks has actually made herself a huge hidden nest under the rabbit hutch of about 20 or so eggs. She was also laying on some chicken eggs. I live in BC Canada and the temperature here is about 44° at night lately and although the eggs were all warm when I checked them... I was worried about this so I moved her and her eggs into the duck house and brought some of the feathers from the original nest and placed some straw and cedar shavings in there for her as well. Is this the worst possible thing I could have done? She is sitting on them in the new nest and the heat lamp is about 24 inches from the eggs. If the eggs do not turn out to be viable, is it cruel to take them away from her?

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    I don't think moving nests is a good idea BUT that said sometimes ducks do not know best, if she has come back and continued to sit then i'd say she's accepted the change and your now going to have to wait it out.

    FWIW i'm also in Canada and i have a Muscovy on a nest right now, she began almost a week ago(tomorrow) sounds like you've set it up well. I gather your not sure of the dating? if she has chicken eggs those will hatch first, Muscovy are about 33-35+days.. have you bred before?

    and no it's not cruel to take non viable eggs away, TBH i found my ducks eventually either tossed them or abandoned them anyways, they usually know.
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