Advice needed - Hen suddenly lethargic and breathing heavily - not sure what is wrong


May 24, 2015
One of our 5 free range hens who seemed perfectly healthy all day, is suddenly ill. We were gone for 3 hours, and when we came back, she was lying in the front yard -seems unable to use her legs or stand to walk. She is breathing heavily, but appears alert and uninjured. Her comb is red, and her eyes normal in appearance. She has passed poop, and is eating a little, though not with her usual vigor. The other 4 chickens seem absolutely fine, and very healthy. Any ideas as to what could be wrong with our sweet hen? Please tell us it wouldn't be the avian flu - it seems to have struck too suddenly for that, and the others chickens seem perfectly healthy. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Right now we have her in a box in our kitchen, I wanted to isolate her from the other birds the best we could.

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