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    i ordered a pair of Java's from a "PERSON", the female came fine but the male came with a crooked leg, I called back and the man was kinda giving me the run around and saying the bird is find and will be able to breed, and I said that my bird vet did not want me to take the chance and honestly recommends that the bird is no good, after telling the man what my vet said, he agreed to send me a new male, a 2010 model, so id still have to wait 2 years for him to breed.. I said that was fine, better than nothing... so the man and I agreed to wait til the 1st week of Jan to send the male back, I sent the male to him and the man said the bird arrived with a broken wing. He even sent me a pictue.

    he did not accuse me of it breaking on my side, but he said that he had to put the bird down or amputate that would cost 500 dollars and te bird would not be good to breed... My point is.. if the bird has crooked legs and a broken wing, why wouldnt you just put him down, why try to fix him.. I told him that I was not clear on what he was saying or getting at and that he needed to be specifficlly clear so that we do not have a misunderstanding. I do not want to jump to any conclusions,

    I asked him if he is backing out of the replacement and I assured him the bird left my ranch in perfect condition and that my brother and I carfully caught and put the male in the box... I remember being very carful with him because of his leg... he had to have broken it in transit... but i dont know what the man is getting at..

    In the event he tryies to cheat me out of a bird... what do you recommend I do?

    P.S. I paid $700 for the pair shipped... so yes... they were expensive.
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  2. La Mike

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    Nov 20, 2009
    Legal alternatives
    Your vet said and if he or she will back that up that it was damaged
    Only other thing is to file with post office for damage and he could do that
    Sounds to me he might be pulling your leg to keep from replacing the bird
    Did you buy it as breeder quality or just normal purchase
    Also was there any health guarantee with the purchase
  3. texascowboy1979

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    They were supposed to be a breeding pair... but only a year old... so i still had to wait a year.... No... no health guarantee... but if he tries to cheat me out of a bird... how do i get my point across...
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  4. La Mike

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    Nov 20, 2009
    Ok you have a little ground to work with
    If he sold them as a breeder pair you can get a statement from your vet on the fact that they would not be breedable in his/her opinion
    With that if it comes down to it you have a 90% chance of refund if you have to take him to court over it
    I personally would push the replacement issue on the fact your vet said the male was not breeder capable it doesnt matter what he thinks at that point
    He sold a pair for $700 as breeders that constitute fraud if they arent and anything over $500 i do believe is a felony
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    It wasn't a guy from Florida, was it.............. [​IMG]
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    Jan 16, 2010
    Well I am going to jump right in with both feet, If this guy that you bought them from knows anything at all about Pure Javas then he should know that they will not be fertile until 3 yrs old and may not lay till they are 4 yrs old. Any how I seen the pictures and the Greens get that leg problem more then any other color use lee to high of protein in the chick feed, the best thing to do is put it down.
    OK, I said my peace, If this guy ( think I know who he is) don't make good on HIS bird give use a call I may have 2 or 3 2009 hatch Javas in the pen. Steve
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  7. Boggy Bottom Bantams

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    Hahira, GA
    I was going to say the same thing, then I say you already did there Steve! Yep. m. muticus have to be old farts before they will breed, they arent at all like the blue mutations, 3years minimum often 4! They are expensive little buggers though aint they!
    By the way, I have 5 of Steves 09's, and they look awsome too!
  8. texascowboy1979

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    Quote:Thanks Steve... The "Person" Emailed me back:

    "My veterinarian examined him 3 weeks prior to me shipping him to you and assured me that his leg condition wouldn't be a permanent problem and he wouldn't try to start breeding for another 2 1/2 years anyways plenty of time to heal. Your veterinarian advised you that he wouldn't be able to breed. I was willing to take him back and send you a replacement next spring. I was going to keep him and see how he got along but with the condition I received him back I'll never have that chance. You didn't like the condition you received him in and I wasn't pleased with the condition I received him back. Clearly I'm out the Java male I sent you and you would like a replacement which I can understand. Just because I breed peafowl it's hard to swallow that kind of money. I'll have plenty of time to digest this till this springs hatch."

    To me it sounds as if he is still willing to work with me... but Ill still be held back another year...

    Steve... What can you offfer me? I wanted to get my JAVA's out of the way this spring and focus on other projects... and by out of the way, I mean have the ready...

    As far as the shipping charges you paid to ship the Java back to me the post office failed to deliver the Express shipping on their guaranteed deliver time so you need to go to the post office and fill out a failure to deliver on time form PS Form 3533 and they will refund your shipping charges .
  9. chickenzoo

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    I'm curious to who is was that sold it to you....... [​IMG]
  10. Boggy Bottom Bantams

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    Mar 9, 2008
    Hahira, GA
    I dont know, with that "I have plenty of time to digest til spring" deal, sounds a little wishy washy to be. I've been done this way before in the past and you'll never hear back from them and will never get a response from them....
    I'd just get my money back. They leg problem is his problem, he shouldnt have sold it. He was trying to "swallow that money" by passing it off on you looks like.
    Get your money back and get one from Steve. I have 5 of his 09 muticus birds and they are awesome!
    Also, if they were last, the P.O. will refund that shipping to you, no questions asked, that is part of their arrive on time guarantee..
    Good luck with this,

    Was he from Florida???

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