After tornado in Joplin

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    May 31, 2012
    After the tornado ripped thru Joplin,Mo ( killing 163 people and destroying 1800 houses and another 300 businesses) we went to a church to donate some eggs for the feed program (church cooked for survivors families and helpers) we handed them 5 doz. eggs , the old guy helping ( he was from slicker) opened one carton and said " Thanks , we'll have to use these quick , they're already turning brown" took me a minute to regain my wits..then I tried to explain to him there are brown and white and colored eggs etc depending on chicken breeds .....he totally thought I was crazy.....I decided it was a lost cause to teach him we turned to leave and a church member came up and thanked us and said she collected colored eggs on her grandparents farm and was not worried about age etc.....the guy was 60+ years and hadn't seen or heard off brown eggs.....unbelievable!!!
  2. Wow, it's amazing how disconnected people are from their food. I am friends with a chef, and before I met her, she had little knowledge about animals, eggs, etc. Now she says I have the best eggs and she tells everyone she knows to consider raising thier own chickens for eggs if they can.
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    That is impressive both in not knowing eggs can be something other than white...and also thinking of using food he did think was turning rotten! [​IMG]
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    If people only new what is in their food and how it's processed they'd be more organic and purchase locally and would not buy from Wal Mart etc......we've had chickens for years , eat the eggs and sell what we don't eat , people are amazed at the taste difference of fresh to store bought eggs can be stored up to 6 mos in most states (thanks to USDA )
    I drove trucks for years off and on and hauled chickens and the 70's during the New Castle disease ,we hauled turkeys off the farms and chickens to Poppy Foods , Los Angeles (the largest supplier to Kentucky Fried Chicken) before the USDA got there to destroy them.....
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    May 31, 2012
    Yes , people really amaze me ! ...stupid about life yet having a 140 common sense , or thinking things thru......
    Over the years , I had many different breeds , I had to try them all ....I love the Banty's ....but family complained it took so many to make breakfast now I'm back to the full size ( Cochin's , good layers and quite broody....rhode island link....some other mixed and my rooster is an old english game ...and a half doz guineas ) want to get some Araucanas (low cholesterol and low fat eggs) I've had them before and will find some soon to add to flock , if you've had them , you'd be amazed at the response to the color of eggs......"are these duck" , "did You dye these" , didn't you clean these" goes on and on.......

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  6. What would he have done if you brought green eggs ? Looked for the ham ?
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    Jan 29, 2011
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    I guess he didn't touch wheat or rye bread or toast then either. better not set a potato or peanut butter around the fool either....
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    May 31, 2012
    I tried to explain the different colors due to different chickens etc , he just looked at me like I was crazy......that's when I walked away....and the lady came to apologize.....
    at the time I found it hard to believe someone hadn't heard or seen brown eggs.....but now find humor in the ordeal.....still amazed at the stupidity of many people....with ALL the technology and there is still those that stupid......
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    I've been reading the Funniest Things Said thread
    and if you haven't posted this already (I'm still trying to catch up) should because this is funny. (in a sad kind of way, but sill...)


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