Agony of trying to hatch out RIR and WR chicks....I cant get any too!

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    May 22, 2011
    Okay for the past 3 good hatches June 4 i had 17 chicks hatch out and it was 16 BR,1 RIR June 22&23 9 BR 4 RSL,3 GSL/Amber's maybe and now June 30,July 1&2 12 BR

    I have 6 BR hens in coop 2 and since i had 12 BR hatch out that's 2 days worth of eggs and it seems they are the ones that hatch out the most...And well im going to be selling chicks next year since the season is over with and most people want RIR cause its a common breed and the BR is a strong chicken since they are always the ones to hatch out first but im thinking of taking those 6 out of the pen and tossing in 6 RIR hens cause i told mom if i keep hatching out BR we wont have anything but the one breed and when i set my eggs again its going to be all WR and RIR eggs and im hoping that some of them hatch cause if they don't i wonder do they need special hatching conditions?

    I only had 20 eggs to set and i had 12 BR hatch but i lost two of them so im down to 10 which is still 50% hatch

    Im using a RIR roo as the breeding roo with WR im trying to make RSL/GSL/Amber's and a few RIR hens to just make them and next week im getting 28 BO and when they are older im tossing a BO roo in with the RIR hens to make a Buff Red i told mom i would rather do BO roo/RIR hen than RIR roo/BO hen since the RIR are kind of mean and hens are generally nice im hoping to make a nice cross to sell

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