Agressive chick


5 Years
Feb 23, 2018
St. Robert MO
I have a 2 week old frizzle polish chick that anytime my hand or something goes into the broder it starts attacking it. Not just pecking, like full on rooster type attacking. Should I be expecting this one to be a rooster? How can I get it to stop
That's weird. usually chicks scattered whe. You put your hands in no matter what the sex. Maybe it thinks your being aggressive towards it. I'll be curious to hear what others have to say. I've had a lot of chicks and several were rooster (none of that breed) but I've never been attacked by a chick. And my roos dont usually start trying to out rank me till they are 14 to 20 weeks.
I've seen this....may continue or not..... may be a male or might not.
Have you tried holding it?
Are you handling the chicks a lot?
You can try 'pecking' back, as another bird would do. Or holding it, without allowing any pecking.
If you've been hand feeding, stop. Throw food on the ground, don't offer it in your hand.
The one chick that I've had like this was a cockerel, and a total human aggressive jerk. I hope yours turns out better!
I would do as Mary (@Folly's place) suggests. A mama hen pecks her chicks on the head to signal to them that certain behaviors aren't appropriate. I had one chick that was always attacking my wedding band because, "OOOooo, SHINY!" Any time the chick ran towards me to peck at my ring, it would get a swift tap on the top of the head with with one finger.
If this chick is a reasonable individual, getting a few corrections (pecks) should fix this rude behavior. When the babies move out with adults, more corrections will happen too.
If this chick is an idiot (like my cockerel was that time) appropriate learning won't happen, which will be no-one's fault, but just show what kind of personality is there.
I do hold it. It seems to happen mostly when putting down food or water. I have poked it on its head when it starts attacking me or pick it up and hold it
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