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Jun 6, 2010
I have recently bought a Maran pullet and discovered that every few minutes she shakes her head and gives a sharp cluck. I haven't come across this before. She doesn't look ill but I'm bothered that it may be the start of something. Anyone got any ideas?
Would be most grateful,
Major Buff Orpington


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Jun 4, 2010
England, Uk
Hi, how coincidental. I bought 6 pullets last Wednesday one of which is a maran which is also displaying similar symptoms. Every now and then she will stretch her neck up in the air and take a big breath or a yawn maybe? anyhow she sure does open her beak wide! This usually occurs when she is resting. Occasionally she makes a cluck sound and shakes her head. She is showing no other sign of illness and is eating and pooping normally, she does seem to drink a lot and is the friendliest of the bunch and doesn't mind being held.
I'm in the UK and unsure what is available over here to treat various ailments however having spoken to our vet on the phone last night have been advised to worm them with flubenvet. Hope your Maran is doing ok?


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May 3, 2008
"Every now and then she will stretch her neck up in the air and take a big breath or a yawn maybe?" Most likely yawning. With the shaking head and loud cluck/noise, I vaguely remember mine doing that and they were just sneezing. Not sure if its the same thing, but they did make a squeek noise when doing it and it was loud.

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