All Black Flock


Apr 27, 2020
Central California
These are beautiful! But I’m hoping for fibromelanistic birds, mine don’t really have black skin, but my hens do have black feet, beaks and combs, their brothers have marbled black n red combs and black and yellow shanks. Crossing them back and or maybe getting a fibro Roo is the future plan
Mine are the same way...One of my roos started getting aggressive, to me, not the others, so he became food...I was told mine were pure AC, but from what I've seen of their meat, it should have been very dark...His wasn't at all. It was different than a "regular" chicken, but definitely not black


Nov 23, 2013
Northern South America
It was an unintentional cross between a gorgeous mystery rooster (which turned out to be an AC) and a little BR hen, when the rooster flew the coop and got eaten by dogs I collected the eggs for a week and got his progeny, thank gods. It was a sexlink cross resulting in black hens and barred roosters. So When I breed them I’m hoping to get some black roosters to cross back to the F1 generation Hens. But now I’m in love with the barred Ayam cemani look also View attachment 2389903
Note that the Barred gene is inhibiting the expression of fibro. Cute accident, though. Am curious what would happen if you bred him back to an AC hen.

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