All hens and rooster have stopped eating and drinking


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Sep 16, 2014
Hello! Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you can help me. I have 5 hens and one rooster. 2 Golden Wyandotte, 2 barred rock, and 2 black australorp. We went on a road trip, and after I got back I saw all the animals were all out of food and water. The rooster had been separated from the rest of the flock, when he has always been with the flock. I replaced all of the missing food, and water and have not needed to refill it since we got back. I found 1 egg in the coop yesterday, outside of the chicken hutch where they usually lay. I threw some chicken scratch in the coop yesterday, and it took them all day to finish it. I see they are under weight. Our pet caretaker claims they had been eating, drinking, and laying MORE after he separated the hens from the rooster, and that this is all new to us coming home and putting things back to normal. (I don't believe him. They were living together for the last 3 years. He just thinks the rooster should never be with the flock.) I've been looking up worms and it doesn't appear to be that because they would still be eating. Any thoughts please?
Is it really hot where you are? Do they have enough shade & ventilation? Frozen jugs of water & fans in the coop can help cool the air a little bit. Is the food storage in direct sunlight where it could be sweating/molding & making them sick? Have you tried to give them chicken electrolyte water, or snacks like meal worms or watermelon to try to perk them up? Has the roo been put back in with the hens? I'm not a vet, but these are some of the first questions I would ask myself. I wish you lots of good luck & hope they recover quickly!

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