All hen's feathers falling out?

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  1. Aryetheral Waalburgus

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    Jun 10, 2017
    Buckbeak, my 2yo Dark Brahma hen is losing all her feathers without seeming to grow any back. She currently has a secondary Bumblefoot infection, so she's in a crate in the garage. I've gave her 5 1/2cc shots of Tylan 50, went 4 days without, and gave her 2 more shots. The last shot was yesterday. It seems to be working for the Bumblefoot.
    She suddenly yesterday was sitting in a poof of feathers, which I threw away. They had no sign of mites, or fleas, or eggs, or anything. Today she's sitting in a giant pile of feathers again, and when I picked her up, feathers just came off at my touch. She hasn't laid an 12ish days, but I think that's from lack of sun. Is the Tylan 50 messing her up or something? Should I stop administering it? She normally has very many beautiful feathers in good condition.
    Thanks for your answers.
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    Perhaps she's molting. If she's not laying that could be what's happening
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    :pop I have no answer for you but am curious as to what others have to say.
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    Sounds like she's molting... which means she won't lay until the feathers have grown back in because she is going to use all her energy for growing feathers. Which are 90% protein... so give only high protein snacks to help her recover sooner.

    It could have been induced by light OR stress. But according to your description, she is at the right age.

    Sorry, I don't use Tylan and such so cannot advise.

    Good luck! :fl
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    Hi @Aryetheral Waalburgus

    Can you post some photos of your hen and the bumblefoot?
    Does she show any signs of lethargy, not eating/drinking or general un-wellness within herself?
    It does sound like she is molting. You can provide her with extra protein in addition to her normal feed. Add some poultry vitamins to her water every couple of days.

    If you have her indoors for treatment of bumblefoot, that is understandable, but she may also benefit by being placed outside in a cage/kennel near the chickens for a few hours a day as well.
    Keep us posted.

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