All my BR's broody! ;(

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    Jan 23, 2011
    Since I got rid of our big BR roo all of the BR's have gone broody one after the next. We let one go, and she just hatched out 3 sweet little fluff butts this morning ([​IMG])but abandoned her remaining eggs ([​IMG]). We put those under the second one who went broody a week after the roo left and she is sitting on them though we don't know long the first hen left them cold...(They were placed under her a few days apart [​IMG]) Now our third BR has gone broody. Just this afternoon. But somehow she's already plucked her belly fluff. It's too late in the day to try dipping her. She would be wet and cold in her nest. Also, to make chickens more maddening at the moment we were given 4 bantam-x hens and a bantam-x roo last week and we didn't realize that they could FLY like that!!! We have managed to clip a wing on each of them...but one can still fly over 6 feet....Well, she can HURL herself over 6 feet...and they won't roost in the coop. Maybe I have to put little led weights on their feet! (joking) (but then again...) And a hen won't need heating in the broody house this time of year will she? It is 55-65 F here now, and she only has 3 chicks to tuck in...
    I feel a little bit chickened out this week!

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