ALL SOLD- Accept for the Golden Cuckoo Marans rooster chicks- Great selection of fancy chicks! EE, O

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  1. chickee

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    Hatched 2/22/15

    4 Easter Egger chicks~ Out of my BW Ameraucana rooster x EE hen. $7.00 each

    4 F1 Olive Egger chicks~ Out of my Golden Cuckoo Marans rooster x Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hens. $8.00 each

    2 W/BW Ameraucana chicks~ Paul Smith x Pips&Peeps rooster x Cree hens $10.00 each (Hard to find! excellent quality!)

    1 Golden Cuckoo Marans pullet~ Harris5 rooster x Rockin' G Ranch hens. $10.00 (will lay a good dark egg- out of my darkest egg layer)

    4 Golden Cuckoo Marans cockerels~ Harris5 rooster x Rockin' G Ranch hens. $5.00 each (hatched from dark eggs)

    ****** Local pick-up only in Grass Valley, California *******

    Easter Eggers~


    Olive Eggers~


    Golden Cuckoo Marans pullets~


    Golden Cuckoo Marans cockerels~


    Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas~

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  2. chickalicia

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    Jan 14, 2015
    Bakersfield ca
    What is the breed of the white chicks? How much? U r n northern cal. I'm in bakersfield. If Iam interested. Can they be delivered here?
  3. chickee

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    Those are wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana chicks.

    Sorry I have sold all the chicks except for 4 golden cuckoo Marans "rooster" chicks that are $5.00 each.

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