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Does anyone know about good hatcheries at this time of year. Also at the beginning of summer. What are the best hatcheries all year round with lowest costs, best breeds, and lowest minimum number of chicks.
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I have the McMurray catalog and they stopped hatching most rare breeds after July 8th. Ideal poultry has some birds all year. They have a minimum order of $25. I have birds from them. People who ordered from other hatcheries (including me) have found that their birds came from Ideal in TX by checking the zip code the box was mailed from and that includes somebody who said they ordered from McMurray .
I am all moved in, getting the old coop cleaned up this weekend and then will be looking for Buff Orpitons and Faverolles, will I have to wait until February to find them near St Louis, MO., or is there anywhere that I can order them from sooner. I am so excited to get started, I have the brooder ready for I have looked into Cackle, McMurray and a few others and they are sold out of the season.

Also, Would it work to have just 1 Silkie or Frizzle in my club?
I just received a shipment of
25 Buff Orps Oct 2 from Mt Healthy Hatchery. 26 (not 25) arrived 6 days later all good. Google them is still shipping out chickens. You can choose a variety of breeds in almost any number. You'll have to check with them to see how many you need to order...depends upon how long it takes to ship from their location. Many breeds are limited availability at this point, but worth looking into.
I just ordered from Ideal. I chose them because they are very close to me, and that means less time in transit.

When the temps aren't ideal for chicks, you need to consider how long they'll be in the mail, and expect some losses.

I like Ideal; they have great customer service, and my chicks only spent 18 hours in their box. They are all healthy and thriving, but we did have one DOA; it's friends trampled it.

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