Almost 8-week Sussex fluffs up sitting and peeping


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I got her and another Sussex, as well as a couple Welsummers, from a breeder. They are being fed medicated chick starter. Day 3 being here, she started acting lethargic. She wasn't eating or drinking much.
Day 4 I brought her inside and started treating her and everyone else with Corid, figuring that made sense even thought I didn't see any bloody poop. After 4 days in the house in my kennel / chicken hospital she was bouncing off the walls, doing great. I put her back with the other 3 and she was doing fine for about 10 days.

Then she started acting the same. This time I saw a little bit of bloody poop. I put them all back on Corid Sunday 21st. Also giving Save A Chick electrolytes. She has good days and bad. Yesterday she was huddled in a corner, tail down, puffed up and peeping. It was 96 degrees and humid. Their coop and run are in the shade and they have a little over 50 sq ft not including the coop itself. It's all portable and I move them to fresh grass every few days. They have a good sized coop with plenty of ventilation, 2 roost poles and wood shavings for bedding. No one is picking on her.
This morning she was huddled in the same corner, doing the same thing. I refreshed their water and food (they get fresh water and food twice daily) and she ate and drank readily. She's not off her food, but she's not at all active. She'll follow the others around and then just hang with them, tail down and peeping. She's been vaccinated for Mareks. I'm not seeing any more blood in her stool. She walks normally, not off balance. Her eyes look bright, but when she sits huddled over she has them closed. I'm at a loss.

I have 3 other 4 yr old hens, but they're not cooped with the pullets. I am treating one of these hens for bumblefoot currently, if that makes any difference. What else can I do for her? Beginning to wonder if I should cull her or keep fighting.
Do the corrid again.... she might need it.... and if it didn't take care of the problem in 4 days... and she's back with the others.... I would give it to all of them for 7 days...
I did 2 rounds of Corrid for 7 days each. They just finished their second round Monday. They all got it twice. I had her in the house for 4 days, but all got put on Corid for 7 days. Then another round of 7 days both at 1.5 Tablespoons per gallon. They are now on Rooster Booster vitamin/mineral/electrolytes.
Do you think I need to continue the Corid on her? She is eating and drinking really well. But she's quite a bit smaller than her sister and doesn't have much energy. She'll gobble up food, drink plenty of water, then sit down and peep with her eyes closed. Her poops no longer have any blood (they had a little bit a week ago when I started the 2nd round of Corid).
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Isn't there anything someone can think of to do? 2 rounds of Corid 1.5 T in a gallon of water for 7 days. 10 days apart. Vitamins & electrolytes in between. Getting poly vi sol now. Appetite good. Drinking good. Lack of energy and not growing well.
I think its harsh on the babies with coccidiosis... some do really well quickly , while
others take longer.... it might have done her more damage then the others.... but the eating and drinking sounds really good..! I wouldn't do more of corrid right now...but would do poly vi sol, I add mothers vinegar to the water.... and maybe even some crushed up garlic with a treat...
To be honest.... I don't know much about the rooster booster or pro biotics...
I would add either the vinegar or the rooster booster.... both together might not taste too good to her, maybe switch them out...? I also don't know much about probiotics, though I have used them before.... might be a good idea...? =)
I added them together today to see and she drank very willingly. She's been getting Rooster Booster for 10 days between rounds of Corid. Then I started her on it again Tuesday when the 2nd round of Corid was done. So it was just a matter of adding some ACV to it. Gave her more poly vi this morning. She's not any worse but she's not better either. About the same. Appetite is good, drinking well, stools look normal. Just lack of energy and not growing as well as she should compared to her sister. I was wondering if the pro biotics would help her absorb more nutrients. I have powdered, which I can sprinkle over their food. Or offer yogurt.

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