Am I a crazy man with a gun?



In the Brooder
Sep 15, 2019
Am I the only person in the world that sits outside every day with my AR-22. And my border collie, And babysits my chickens and ducks? I've seen coons, possum, hawks, even a few coyote in the woods behind my house. I see people posting here all the time about attacks and death. I couldn't handle it. From about 2:00 after work until dusk they get range time, if I dont do it I feel too guilty.
I probably should say I would hate to harm another animal. Even a raccoon. I did have a hawk land on my ducks back once. But it dove wierd into it and put its head thru my basement window. It was still on my duck but stunned. My border collie grabbed it by its tail feathers and pulled it off. That's when my staying craziness began.

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