Am I a crazy man with a gun?


May 15, 2019
No judgement at all. A 10/22 does everything an AR-22 does with less convergence, and in this climate your neighbors are less likely to think you're the "crazy" guy. I mean go for it if you aren't breaking the law, there are just a whole lot of idiots just waiting to call the cops. It's get's straightened out, but you don't want an officer jacked up, because Lord knows what he heard by the time it goes through dispatch, and there you are with your AR moseying along unaware. It ain't right, but something to consider.

Howard E

Feb 18, 2016
Are you crazy? YES!!!!

Not because you have a gun and would use it on predators to protect your birds.......who doesn't and who wouldn't? And BTW, that ought to be a shotgun anyway.

But anyone who thinks they need to do that to protect their birds needs to do a little research into what it takes to keep birds alive. It does not require armed guards. ;)


Jun 3, 2013
North Alabama
I don't think you're crazy at all. I actually hired a high school boy to come and shoot squirrels. He loves to eat them, I don't like the way they eat all the fruit off my trees. Win Win. (I shouldn't say I hired him, I fed him and he's a great house sitter for when I'm gone. Now he's grown up with kids of his own. Good ol country boy.


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Nov 29, 2010
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I Plan to not do free ranging in the future. I have lost too many to predation.

Well the exception to that will be my guinea fowl... I am a passive protector of the flock. Unless you consider my yard free ranging. I have a livestock fence around the yard which when i get started again Will have chicken proofing around the bottom. and Hot wire around the top. The yard is about an acre and includes my house.

That area will be additionally protected by the dog crew. There will be a 24 x100 aviary net protected area for the days I cant get out...

And Yep i have more acreage... a total of eighteen acres unfenced which i hope to change once I can move back.k

I have a shotgun for protection but its mostly for the two legged predators....


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