Am I cursed? Another case of wry neck...


Feb 22, 2018
First time chicken mama here. I previously posted about a barred rock chick who exhibited signs of wry neck but ultimately didn't improve after weeks of treatment (ultimately, her neck grew at an odd angle and we chose to cull her). Then today I noticed my almost 6-week-old RIR was sleeping away from the others. When I checked again later this evening, she was doing the same thing so I checked her out and discovered signs of wry neck. Soooo here I go again. I'm encouraged that this just came on and could be cured with the vitamin treatment (hooray for already having everything!) but wondering - am I cursed? Doing something wrong? They get fresh water 2x per day, Purina medicated chick feed and occasional treats (hard-boiled egg, greens, clumps of sod from the yard and - once - a few scraps of pb&j from my kids). They're in a 2x6 stock tank in our basement with a heat lamp. Ugh...
Sorry that you have been dealing with wry neck (torticolis.)
It is a neurological symptom, and can be found in head injuries, vitamin B1 or E deficiency, can be hereditary, and in older chickens in some contagious diseases. Many chicks respond to vitamins (thiamine, E, and a little seleniumwhich is fojnd in egg.) They may be helped to eat and drink as needed.
Thank you! So glad I have vitamin E capsules, selenium and some poly-vi-sol already on hand. She's had two doses already. Fingers crossed.
a genetic or deficient condition cannot be contagious or ‘caught’ by your other chickens, you aren’t cursed and it’s not spreading... maybe there is a viral condition with similar symptoms ? but if it’s wry neck you’ve simply been unlucky ..I have one with wry neck I chose not to cull...she didn’t respond to treatment but is as happy as anything wandering with my flock..not even bottom of the pecking order. She’s been scanned and internally looks perfectly able to produce an egg ...although obviously no breeding from her , despite her delightful disposition .

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