Am I losing it?

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8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I THOUGHT there were 2 posts; for BYC men and BYC women to post their pics...

I KNOW I posted a pic of my hubby in the men one...right??

please oh please tell me I'm not losing it...

??? Did I break it? LOL
ok, maybe they were deleted or something?? I hope I didnt break a rule that I didnt realize ...
They were but now gone I pmed red but she is not on right now. I thought it was cause I posted on them but I guess they are not allowed on byc either
I'm not sure what you all are referencing to..??

I'm not the one who starts drama (at least on purpose!) so I'm really hoping that I dont get reprimanded for starting this topic; I reallythought I was losing it..maybe I should be sleeping it is almost 2 am afterall! LOL
Not open for further replies.

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