Ameraucana or EE? I think you're going to say EE.

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    My wife ordered these two girls last year from Ideal Poultry and they were sold as Ameraucanas. We bought them for their blue/green eggs to balance out the shades of browns we would be getting from the rest of our flock. It was fun to watch them mature. As their feathers came in they turned into pretty unique birds when compared to the rest of the flock. Their feathering is identical to eachother except Cleo is darker. Now all of our girls are laying and my wife pointed out we're only getting one blue/green egg a day even on days when we're pretty sure we've gotten an egg from each chicken. I've even seen both these young ladies in the nest boxes on the same day. I guess I'm looking for confirmation from the professionals that these are in fact EEs and how can I tell by looking at them? Ameraucanas will always lay a blue/green egg right?


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    Yes they are EE. Some times EE lay brownish eggs. This means that only one of your hens lay blue eggs. Ameraucanas are coming in only few colors- pure blak, Buff, Wheaten,Silver. They have white skin and dark slate legs ( not green).EE are coming in any color and most of the time look like yours.
    EE are nice chickens and if you are not planing to be breeder of pure Ameraucana, and you only want green blue eggs- they are fine.
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    Green or blue eggs are closely linked to the pea comb. I can't see cleo's comb, but Effie's comb might be straight-ish. That would be the easiest way to tell.

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