Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by hcammack, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Quote:I have personally never heard of him. I would ask to see his adult birds and with any Ameraucana purchase I have taken literally hours to look the birds over that I was purchasing.. I live about 2 hours from there. I am just very particular when buying breeding stock. Good Luck and I hope you get some good birds [​IMG]
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Thanks for your response.
    I'm not going to be doing any major breeding or anything like that. Currently I have 5 EEs and I think one or 2 are roos. I was just hoping to get pullets from John. I was surprised that there was a breeder within a mile from my house. We may decide to play around with a little breeding later on to make some more EEs, and add some color to our flock, but really it's just a simple backyard flock that we are hoping to achieve. We really don't have the room to do a major breeding project. We are considering hatching eggs maybe next year so the kids can have that experience. I know when I conctacted him he said he knew he was out of the blue and buff and that he had to see what he had available. That was Thursday and I haven't heard back from him yet, I may have DH call him back Monday.. If we like what we see we will likely get at least a white and a black pullet (if they are available) and I am tempted to see if we can get on a waiting list for a blue chick. Honestly I'd take a splash if he had it too even though I know it's not a recognized color (I think they are pretty though). We just thought since he is so close it is convenient to go see what he hasDH doesn't like to travel a long way just for chicks. Where are you located at Buffy? Maybe DH would be interested in getting eggs from you in the spring if we decide to hatch some then. You can just PM me the information if you want.
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    Mar 21, 2010
    Quote:Welcome from the neighboring state! We need a greater number of Ameraucana fanciers in the SW.
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    Yay, I got three blue eggs this morning, that means three girls are laying now!!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I have to say that when I have very few eggs lined up on the counter for the day, the Ameraucana eggs are always there in the bunch. After the Rocks, they are awesome layers. I'm about to lose my blue Ameraucana, Nora, to some reproductive malfunction, I'm sure (goes on nest, sits, pants, gets off, no egg, over and over [​IMG] ), and recently lost Charlotte to something internal, though she was laying at the time. Snow and Gypsy lay daily and always have. Their eggs are not huge, but they're always there.

    I know that eventually I won't have my pure Ameraucanas since they are aging, though I do have my barred EEs out of Charlotte who are also fabulous layers, being half BR on their daddy's side, but I hope that eventually, I'll be able to get more. And to think that years ago, I wasn't partial to birds with beards and muffs, but after having them, I hope to always have a few in the flock. They're the best birds, friendly and great layers to boot. Rocks and Ameraucanas have become the backbone of my flock.
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    I've been trying to get pictures of my whites that I have growing out but they won't hold still... I've gotten a few bad ones I'll have to post. They seem not to want to cooperate!
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    We bought 4 blue Ameraucana chicks in April and 3 of them were male [​IMG] They are 16 weeks old now and I just found 2 of the cockerels a home, finally. So, now we are down to one cockerel and one pullet. On Friday, we'll be picking up 2 black pullets. [​IMG] Here is one pic of the cockerel...

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    Quote:What a cutie poo.

    ~ Aspen
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    Quote:Nice cockerel!

    Sorry to hear of your luck though.

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