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    Presence of ear tuffs, absence of beard an muffs, yellow soles of foot or toes.

    If you have large fowl, they should be shown in AOSB; bantams in AOCCL. You can pull your birds at any time, if a judge sees your birds are gone it really means nothing to them. They just cannot judge a bird that is not present.

    You need to find out just who is judging the birds.​
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    Quote:I don't show, and don't have a SOP, but I would think the fact that it has the wrong comb would be a HUGE red flag that it is not correct. While I understand that 4-H shows are alittle different, I would think a APA show should follow the correct protocol. Hopefully you get to the bottom of it.
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    Quote:Sounds exactly like what goes on here so at least they are consistent! [​IMG] (I'm in Canada.) My heart really does go out to you. It is precisely because of all this nonsense that I haven't taken my birds out to shows. What I am learning is, you have to care a lot less than I do about the "details" if you choose to exhibit your birds. (I hope I'm not offending those that do successfully show their birds!! [​IMG] )
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    I hope that WIC didn't turn you off to showing in the future! I think you should report her and report the fact that there was an advertised health check on incoming birds and NONE was taken.

    I have seen an Australorp placed as an Ameraucana in a 4-H show and win blue. What are we doing to our 4-Hers? There is a showmanship category that mutts can be used, but I honestly feel that we are doing the kids a huge disservice when we award them for not learning about the actual breed they are showing! It is made worse when it is under the Ameraucana title. [​IMG]
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    This morning I was there to tend to my birds early as I have to work at 9 AM and th showgrounds are 50 minutes from work, 35 minutes from home. WIC was there and scalled me over - good thing because my cages were locked and some of my birds' dishes were empty, turned over, and out of reach. She assisted me reaching through the bars and bringing the dishes to the front so I could fill them.
    She took this opportunity to explain to me how wrong I was:
    I am too inexperienced to have entered such a big show.
    I do not own a current copy of the SOP. ( Wish I hadn't given her that amunition)
    Because of this, I cannot possibly know what an Ameraucana is judged on because her judge is very experienced and knows more than me. ( That's a given - of course he does , as well he should. )

    Here was our conversation in a nut shell: My responses are in italics

    That bird was judged on it's merits by the breed standard.
    That's not an Ameraucanna, it's an EE.
    There is not such thing as an EE in the SOP, you would know that if you owned a current issue. Go buy one they are 60.00.
    [i]I'm a member of the Ameraucana Breeders Club, I know there is no such thing as a standard for EEs in the SOP. That bird is an EE.[/i]
    That bird is an Ameraucana. My judge knows what he is doing. You see, you may not understand the difference between Araucana and Ameraucana but there is one. There are subtle differences.
    The bird is labled Ameraucana, not Arucana, and it is neither.
    The bird is judged by the SOP, which you should have one if you want to compete at this level, and my judge is very experienced. There is no EE in the SOP - they don't exist.
    [i]Right - some people call them mutts - they are mixed breeds with many of the charachteristics of Ameraucans. so that bird will be judged against my birds as Ameraucanas in the same class and that bird should have been DQ'd because it's not a breed.[/i]
    No, that bird is a breed - you need to get an SOP so you can educate yourself and that bird won't be judged against yours because your birds are in the wrong class so will be DQ'd on that alone. I'll see what I can do to put you into the right class.
    [i]Thank you very much but I'm still thinking about pulling my birds and most likely will if they can't compete fairly. Yesterday my PrettyBoy was the most photgraphed bird in this barn. People posing with him and gawking at him. But there's no point in keeping them here exposing them to possible dangers.[/i]
    Well I'll try to get your class changed but if you pull out you will be banned for life - don't forget that.
    I appreciate your efforts. Do you have any problem with me breaking off the locks on my cages so I can feed and water my birds?
    No, It's just there so no one steals the birds and it wasn't supposed to be on you cages - as you see they are not on all the cages.
    OK Thanks See you later.

    I don't have the nerve to talk to a judge. I shouldn't be so timid about it and if you knew me you would say I didn't have a timid bone in my body but I don't think I can talk to the judge. My husband thinks I'm way in the wrong here and I don't have any chicken persons around here who would understand the system, and the breeds, and the differences between a breed and a EE, I could ask to assist. My husband thinks I'm picking on a little 4-H kid, who I have spoken with and complimented her on her birds ( that was only 1 of about 10 she has entered). She has many different breeds and is a nice kid. She tells me how she lucked out getting such a nice Ameraucana from a hatchery. I did not reply to that other to say "Congratulations, she's very pretty, what other birds are you showing?".
    I wish some of you were here - I wish I could just unleash Jean on this WIC. Jean could right this for me and for the ABC!
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    You HAVE to be the one to do it though, because no one but you is there to stand up for the breed!

    What's the worst that could happen?

    I seriously doubt that the VP of the APA would award a blue ribbon to an EE, it's probably just some backwoods honkey who has just as much of a clue as the dumb woman in charge.
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    Jan 18, 2008
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    Yes, you must stand up for yourself. There should be a copy of the SOP at every show in case there is a rare breed the judge is not familiar with. The SOP clearly states yellow feet is a DQ.

    The bird is also lacking in breed characteristics with a single comb, so it should be DQ'd.

    You can point this out to the person who is clerking for the judge during judging and they can rectify the situation before the end of judging. Have them look it up!!!!
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    I tend to be the "quiet type", BUT I would have ABSOLUTELY no problem talking to this "judge" about the issues you have.
    Is the Judge who WIC says he/she is? Is it WIC's dh or friend?

    I would document everything (as you have done in postings) and send it to the APA if the "judge" seems as ignorant as the WIC.

    Make sure you have the WIC's name and the judge's name, in fact you could pointedly ask her what they are, and write them down in front of her. That always gets people nervous.
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    Quote:I'm getting the exact opposite advice from my husband. He doesn't feel it something I should make a fuss over - thinks I'm being "snobbish". I don't want to be that. I just know that bird is not a breed and the owner is a kid and she got a blue on it and a Champion Rosette Ribbon on another of her birds in another catagory. Who am I anyway? Just some stupid woman with chickens, driving 33 miles 1 way, 2 times a day to care for some birds she has caged somewhere she can't get them out of who doesn't have a current SOP in her hands?

    Yeah Jeremy - I WAS going to Nationals in Indianna but I'm really re-thinking that dream now.
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    I'm going to INDY!!!!!! Please come.

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