American Buffs and American Grays


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Dec 8, 2010
I am getting 6 american buff and american gray hatching eggs and I would love pictures and information, especially pictures of goslings and eggs but everything is welcome!!
Metzger farms has great info & links got buff geese. I have a pair of buff geese & 3 buff ducks coming from them mid April. They sound like the perfect breed for me. Happy browsing!
I've never heard of an american 'gray', are you sure it's an american? There is a toulouse that looks similar to the americans, then there is an american blue that is kind of gray looking.
Well for short its name is the gray

Like I said, I've never heard of a 'grey' american, they are blue. Shortened names I've heard are 'blue'
You are exactly right!! I was reading it in Storey's Illustrated Guide to Breeds and it says they have been around forever and can lay up to 60 eggs per year....Actually it was one of the breeds I was deciding on. My Grandmother's good friend had some when I was growing up and she gave me a pair. I am leaning towards the American Buff I think though....both are good breeds from what I read in the book and here on BYC..Good luck! let me know what you decide on.
Is it yours?Could you post more pictures of him? that would be great!

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