American Pharoah


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9 Years
Sep 3, 2010
I'm planning on getting some American Pharoah from James Marie Farms...Anyone have any info on these...?...I really can't wait,but will likely be in another month or so.....

I'm needin to know also if I can use the quail rails in the gqf bator...?...Or other suggestions...

Thanx in advance

Hi Mike - You picked a good source. I have purchased eggs a few times from JMF and am always satisfied. The birds are superior, bottom line. If you have a Hovabator, the quail rails should work fine. If you have a larger cabinet model GQF incubator, just use the quail egg trays. The eggs are a bit larger than the standard quail eggs so sometime you have to skip a space or two to get the eggs to set right. And they are so big you can not double stack the trays in the cabinet incubator.
Good too hear....Thanx....Have you raised the American Pharoah...?....Which varieties have you raised of theirs...?.....I think they are no longer selling any colors other than the jumbos.....Probly best for sure....LOL....I'm wanting too set at least 120 so sounds like I'll be settin two bators....eeek....Then I'll be getting a&ms from them....


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