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    Amigo is age 5 and Pumpkin is age 2.

    Amigo and Pumkin are the greastest roosters in South Carolina! Even though Amigo will chase Pumkin during eating or if Pumkin mounts a hen, they are best of bud's. A night they act as if their two buddy's going out to get a cup of coffee or something. During the day they arn't as friendly to eachother, but they don't fight. We got Amigo along with a few hens and other roosters from a neighbor who had owned chickens. Amigo was young, and we had trouble deciding which rooster we wanted, we ate about 3, then there were 2 left. A friend of ours suggested we keep the golden one rather than the white one, and thats what we did.
    Then later, maybe a year, we had a couple owl attacks, because they were going on top of the coop rather than in. After the owl took Amigo's favorite hen, he wasn't happy. The next night, we were watching them go to roost, and then Amigo flew up and started pushing the hens off, [​IMG] . Sadly Amigo can't make chicks.

    Then we got our first day old baby chicks, 52 of them, 26 Redstars and 26 Dominique's. One redstar died as a chick. As the chicks grew up we noticed two light colored dominiques, we thought they were just fast growing girls, we named one Rosie and one Pumpkin. Then several days later we started hearing screaming like sounds, and we found out that Rosie was crowing, so we just figured we would let them grow up, then we'll eat them. Rosie, was an evil slobby rooster, he would have half the feild, half the hens, and the other coop. While Amigo had the other half, Pumpkin pretty much had no where to go, and Rosie would fight with Amigo and chase Pumpkin. And we got a hawk attack and Rosie just ran and hid from the hawk, thankfully the crows saved the hen. I just liked Pumkin so much I couldn't let him go, and I hated Rosie (I know, [​IMG] how can you hate a chicken?). So we decided we would eat Rosie and see what Pumkin turned out to be, also wanting a rooster that could make chicks. Pumkin was starting to become very sweet, so we decided to keep him. Once Pumkins little babys came along (last year) we deffinitly wanted to keep him. And we don't regret any moment of it.

    Now about Amigo and Pumpkin working together:
    Each time a hawk flys or hovers over, Amigo and Pumkin make their warning calls, Amigo gathers the hens under shelter, while Pumkin goes out in the middle of the field, attempting to distract the hawk, [​IMG]. Now that's called team work, [​IMG]

    If you have any questions or comments, ect about these wonderful roo's. Just post them. More pic's will be added later!

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