and what color might you call THIS Ameraucana??


Bird of A Different Feather
11 Years
Dec 20, 2008
Boise, Idaho
I hatched this from an egg from S&N Livestock, he hasn't been on since July - seemed like he was having some major life bumps in the road.
YES, in advance, I see the green leggs
Is this a proper color feathering? I am thinking it may change a bit more and I can't tell if it is a pullett or cockeral . . . anyone?It's 13 weeks old.

That is just one of the color patterns of Easter Eggers, sort of a grab bag of patterns. No name for it. She isn't Ameraucana, but she's pretty! There's no proper anything for an Easter Egger, being a crossbreed.

ETA: looks girly to me right now.
Hey you sure you didn't take that out of my Easter Egger pasture
we have several all in that color range..very seldom will you get two alike-or at least I never do.
I'm not going there on the sex just because I have 2 the same age and I'm undecided on day they look pullet one day little when it crows or lays eggs I will then decide
Or if they grow some saddle feathers I will concede to a roo
LOL I know its an EE, am disapointed because that's not what I bought but no biggie. Iam thinking its a roo one day and a pullett the next. The comb is very red but small, and I have no others from this batch to compare to. The female in his pics was red and blue and had a pretty good comb.

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