"angel wing" On my call duckling?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cskotek, Jun 2, 2012.

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    On his left wing it seems form pictures I looked at hes got angel wing... He was fine the night before and yesturday morning I had noticed it... It can happen they quick? Can it resolve itself? And how do I fix it, it looks ugly [​IMG].
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    A picture would help, what are the protein levels in the food your feeding, I think i read that once you start seeing wing feathers it should drop to 16% since i have a duckling just starting wing feathers and i feed a feed that 20% I just started adding rolled oats to their feed. I know there is alot of info about angel wing with pics on how to wrap the wing, I don't think it will resolve itself you'll need to wrap it. I'll see if i can find you some info on wrapping.
    Okay CelticOaks Farm is going to do a video on wrapping for angel wing heres the link just keep checking..
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    Its really hard to see here but its that whiteish spot on the side of the first one. Its not super bad but its starting. Im just feeing them the starter/grower I used for all my ducks when they where young. This is the first im seeing this on any of them. Could it be the start of them growing the feathers and im over reacting???
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    There is an angel wing sticky at the top of the duck area. It will show angel wing and how to wrap to treat. It also goes over how long to leave it on. My post that was quoted above shouldn't have been. I offered a video to emailed or sent via text to someone, not a video I have made and posted. Didn't want there to be any confusion.
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    I will check that sticky out right nowbefore my mom comes in with a crapton of grocerys 0.0 and i didnt even notice the link o.o Thanks so much!
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    It could be, maybe just keep a watchful eye over the next and judge then. when their wing feathers start coming in they do look a little strange Are they outside foraging or kept in a brooder. that makes a difference to in angel wing. if they are getting foraging time to supplement their diet of grains they should be okay. I have always used Oats in the summer added to the feed I give to my flock. I add scracth grains in winter. They sure are cute. How old?
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    They do go outside everyday from about 9am to dusk. And their about 5/6 weeks. I retook a look at him and found that feathers are gowing out of the bend of the wing on the left wing but not so much on the right...

    Left wing. Theres the white beginings of feathers..comming out of the bend on top.

    This is the right wing, barely any white things for the beinging of feathers on the bend... Confuesed...

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