Angel Wings vs. Twisted Wing Tip and how to treat in 7 week old Sebastopol gosling...???

Des R

Apr 27, 2016
Maryland / Delaware
I've been making myself crazy trying to figure out what is wrong with my 7 week old Sebastopol goslings named Ethel. Her wings have looked wrong for a few weeks now, and everyone told me to leave her alone, she just needs to get the strength to hold her wings up, but Lucy and Fred have had theirs under control for a full week now and hers are getting worse. I'm confused between the difference of Angel Wings vs. Twisted Tips.

I find that for Angel wing I should wrap the wings to her body. I find very different answers on how long... one extreme saying leave them wrapped for weeks. The other extreme saying only during the day, then unwrap her each evening, re-wrap each morning. Then everything in between. Some say wrapping them for too long will make them loose muscle tone in their wings, so I'm leary of that.

I find for Twisted Wing most sites say it's the same thing as angel wing, then sites like Cottage Rose and people talking in Backyard Chickens say they are definitely not, and it may even be unique to curly sebastopols... but I don't see any instruction on treating twisted wing... same as Angel Wing?

I am including a few pictures of my Ethel and I'm very anxious to help her... I'd greatly appreciate if you have an opinion on what she has and how you would treat it...

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond!

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Angel wing and twisted wing tip are 2 different conditions. Angel wing involves the last wing joint and manifests at 4-8 weeks during rapid growth. Ethel has this. More of a genetic and dietary origin. Twisted wing tip involves just the wing tip. It's more if a use injury and breed specific (sebastopol) condition. Geese that have twt tend to produce geese that develop it as well so you can't dismiss genetics .
I would be bandaging her wing to her body. My best bandaging jobs only last 2 days so I'm not too concerned with the valid argument to not wrap. I would trim the flight feathers to reduce the weight and downward pressure. Dietwise if you are feeding chick starter cut it 50/50 with wheat or oats and offer a head of romain lettuce or let them graze all day.

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