Animal dug into coop, left shells ate egg insides


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Jan 17, 2021
Hello, I was wondering if someone could help figure out what animal may have done this. So this morning I go out to my chicken coop like normal but I notice a hole in the ground. They way my coop is built is the inside of the coop where the chickens go in and get locked in at night is in the inside of my barn and they have a door on the side of the barn to go out into their run that's attached to said barn. I noticed some sort of animal went under my barn and dug into the run from where it's connected to the barn. The hole was pretty small so I'm thinking it's a smaller animal no bigger than maybe a raccoon. My hens had a small pile of eggs in their in the corner of the run I hadn't picked up yet and I saw all the eggs where eaten. The animal broke open the eggs a bit then ate the insides and left what was left of the shells. I saw what looked like marks or tracks in the coop like it was looking around for more but because the ground of the run is mostly loose dirt and shavings I couldn't make any out. I took a look inside my barn as well because I knew I had a small batch of eggs there too and the animal ate two of the eggs and left some of the eggs so I'm guessing it got a full meal. As for the inside part of the coop where my chickens where for the night it seems the animal couldn't or maybe wasn't interested in breaking in so luckily all my chickens and what eggs they had in there where safe. I couldn't find anymore evidence of said animal and my barn cats seem unharmed and unbothered. I have 3 barn cats one of which was a stray before joining with my other barn cats, and i have a 4th in out cat and they are typically good at killing rats and other rodents even giant rats or squirrels so im thinking its maybe something else. I live in northwest Oregon so there are a good couple of possibilities for what animal may have done it. If you have any ideas of what exact animal please say.
Unfortunately I didn't grab pictures, but I would say the hole is big enough a raccoon at most, as for the eggs it looked liked the animal cracked part of them or half of them then just ate the insides. The tracks it left weren't distinguishable unfortunately.

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