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Jul 8, 2019
Purcellville Virginia
Poor little gal. One week old and she ran off during a broader swap (dirty one for clean one) and took a tumble down 4 cement steps. Broken above the knee at femur. I used non stick tape and gently wrapped the leg against her body trying to maintain the best position for it to set and heal. The foot appears quite lame. No spreading of her toes or appreciable use. I’m keeping her isolated but she’s drinking and eating.

I notice many don’t splint or wrap. Splinting at femur seems impossible. I’m hoping to keep her from typical duckling movements for a few days and then remove the wrap and keep her on very limited activities. Maybe warm water swimming but think she should be in a small box to limit movement as much as possible? Should I remove her from the others entirely (separate room as well as brooder)?

I’d rather not deal with the vet, last trip cost me 350 for a punctured eye. I can’t imagine a femur... I will euthanize before I spend another $350! Sad to say but even I don’t have healthcare anymore due to exorbitant costs.
Thanks you the replies. It’s frustrating when one lets these things happen. I am generally all too prepared for things especially after the bloodthirsty raccoons I’ve death with.

I will keep her taped up for the next 2 weeks. In the meantime does anyone know what is a typical cost for an X-Ray & treatment? I’m going to try and find another vet locally here around Purcellville VA, maybe WV or outside town will be cheaper? I imagine the prognosis isn’t good. I hate to have it suffer for several weeks only to be put down. Tough call for me & the soft gooy center...
In the meantime does anyone know what is a typical cost for an X-Ray & treatment?..
I'm very sorry about your duckling :(
We just had one of our ducks to the vet a few weeks ago so I still have the receipt. We are in Georgia so pricing may be different in your area but our prices were...
$65 for the exam
$55 for 1 x-ray
$30 for a second x-ray and for some reason $30 for x-ray interpretation.
They also sent us home with pain/anti inflammatory meds for another $20 which I would imagine they would also give for your little one.

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