another cat? [back story: I saw one that I really like]


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Mar 14, 2008
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ok, here's the background... I should start with: yeah, I love animals.

have a 14.5 yr old male who has diabetes. 2x day insulin shots. we have an established routine and it takes about 15 minutes to do his stuff. his kidney function is decreased somewhat, but hasn't needed any special treatment. he is aging, snoozing a lot more, what I consider typical for an older cat.

have a 10 year old female who has early kidney disease. Has raised kidney levels but we've never had to treat her explicitly. she appears healthy, very active, playful, by all means a normal cat other than the lab reports. But she may not live to be a 17 year old or anything.

I love looking at kitty adoptions etc but we've resisted with the plan that we'd get two younguns of the same age when one of the current ones passes.

I have not been "looking" for a kitty but I saw one today that I really liked. has a very mellow personality, similar to our 10yr old female, super lovey. It started with my just petting her paws though the cage... she is 9 wks old.

any thoughts on should I just grit my teeth and let this one go by? my husband and I are discussing this as well versus our original thinking, but thought maybe some of you animal people could provide reasoned answers...


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Sep 28, 2008
Personally..I feel that if you can't stop thinking about an animal...there's a connection between you and it. I usually go for it. I haven't been wrong yet on those feelings.


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Apr 20, 2007
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Generally I'm with the previous poster's philosophy of going with your gut.

OTOH in this case, with two older cats with significant, chronic, progressive medical problems, I think you'd REALLY need to think hard about how adding a strange cat would be for THEM. Doubtless there are cats out there who would be quite unperturbed and unstressed by it, and if you're sure you've got two of them, then go for it.

But *most* cats, in my experience, especially once they get to middle age or senior years, are going to be pretty P.O'd and/or upset by having a stranger added to the house. And stress like that is not likely to interact well with their medical problems.

So I really dunno. Depends on your cats, but for most cats I'd venture to say it might be kinder to hold off on it, sorry.

Good luck,


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Apr 24, 2007
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Now with my older cat Patches (shes going on twenty) She is so senile she walks around all day and night with a small dog toy clling her kittens. She would accept a kitten very easily. Only problem she has been known to try to carry a puppy around by its scruff. I could just picture her doing that to a kitten.

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