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    my goldens are under a year old,,,my hen has been "picked" of feathers on her neck,, down to about her breast bone,,,,,,i know the male does it,, and i know its part of the "mating" , but should he be doing that to her now?, this young, and this late in the summer? , ive tried giving her PLENTY of places to fly up to to get away,,,,but she wont.,, should i separate them for a while,,(ugs,, more building hehe) or just try to get another 1 or 2 females?
    Thanks allz [​IMG]
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    Jan 23, 2008
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    Clip one of the male's wings, just the primaries. Throw in some fruit to keep them busy as well.

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    thanks Dan ,, i tried strawberries with them today,,they loved them ,,,i'll try the clipping,,,im sure it would work if she would just FLY up,,ya know, like she does when i go to put them in at night,,hehe [​IMG] ,, and i think it all resorts back to my biggest problem with getting them to figure out they can get up on all those limbs i have for them,,,,,,,im starting to think their afraid of heights,,haha [​IMG]
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    The picking is out of boredom, not a mating thing. That's part of the reason for giving fruits- sort of something to keep them busy instead of picking on "each other".

    When I had pheasants, I had them in long pens- like 10 by 30 or even 60. That is very big for a pair of goldens(actually what most pens had were one or two cocks and 3-6 hens not just a pair.. however I still would have made a pen as large as possible even for just a pair) I realize but bigger is always better whenever possible so if you can enlarge their pen, they probably would appreciate it especially if the picking is also caused from too little room.

    It's too dry here and besides I rake the pens very regularly to grow a lawn so what I did was just cut off whole tree branches and did things like lay some against the walls (withj the leafy tips on ground), made teepees with some in the middle and attached them to the walls and perches. They loved this. I also put up spare pieces of plywood against the walls.. just lean them over. Be sure not to make an enclosure where a male or another bird may potentially corner and kill/severely injure another.

    If you can grow a grass lawn in the pen that would be great.. or just sow and let weeds grow.. that would be great also. Some people grow edible plants in pots and put them in the pens and rotate them around.
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    thanks kev.,,, they got a pretty good size pen nows,,,its not real long,, but high and wide ,, i have branch's,, and rocks , and a couple "brush piles" now from Dans advice,,,,,,, i think i need a bigger part of the coop for them,,and get some good hiding places in there,,,, cause even tho he does it during the day, some,, it seems worse in the mornings when i let them out. ,, i put a couple chicks and small guineas in with them for a while to see if that would "keep em busy" ,, but it didnt help none.
    im putting up a shade tarp tomorrow for them ( i just got this pen done last week,,still not "furnished" yet) if it stops raining,,, and gonna grab some live bush's ,,,,,, thinking i need to electrify the ground to make her FLY,,hehe [​IMG]
    thanks for the help,,, ill get more done on it tomorrow after work and take some pics.


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    wellz,,, i finally got to witness my golden male up on 1 of his perch's last night,,now to make HER jealous and maybe she wont be so afraid of heights,,haha [​IMG]
    i added some brush piles and rocks,,and getting some shrubs soon,,,so now i only have a half-a-complex,,haha [​IMG]
    thanks all for the advice,,,,,he doeasnt seem to be "after " her half as much. [​IMG]

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