Anseel/Ansil breed information


8 Years
Jan 5, 2012
Columbia Gorge, Oregon USA
I was wondering if anyone had good information to share on the Anseel (Ansil) breed. I am interested in getting a few for my flow. Information on the web is mixed and often conflicting. I am primarily concerned about how well they get along with others in a community flock on free range. Thanks
If you are talking about Asils, they do not work in a flock, at all. Some hens might get along in a free range situation, if there is plenty of room, I'm talking acres. But that is a case by case basis, many hens wouldn't work, and no cock is going to work, unless he is the only cock on the yard. Look for the oriental threaf and read through it, it will answer many questions for u.
Are we talking about Aseels / Asils? (no n in the name)

If so, they're a great, rare, and OLD breed, however not for beginners. Males should never have access to each other or males of another breed, females do not get along with other breeds and often not each other unless free-ranging in large enough areas to establish their own territories.

If you like the body type and amazing behavior of Oriental Gamefowl, I'd recommend a breed like Shamos. They get along better (hens not the males) In a mixed flock, hens will easily become the dominant one and may or may not become a problem. Males should be the only one around though, as they do well what they were bred for
There ya go. Asils are not cheap, they are not good layers, and they don't get along with other chickens. They are also hard to raise as the young ones engage in mortal combat at an early age. They are not fully mature until 2 years old. Think about it......Pop

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