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May 8, 2015
Bedford UK
So I got two 22week red sex links to befriend my recently "widowed " last sex link standing- she is 2. I have read a bit about the pecking order but the newbies come straight out the coop when "Queen bee" aka Lizzie goes in. Lizzie is also pecking one of them. I have lots of food all over they place and boredom busters etc. Is anti peck spray worth it? Have you used it. How long does the pecking order take to sort out?
As long as nobody gets hurt, let them sort things out. It can take several weeks for a pecking order to be established, especially in a large flock. Pecking to the point of drawing blood, and feather picking are not normal. Those are signs of overcrowding.
Lizzie is pecking at the feathers of one who seems to be the braver one. But they have got SO much space?! Theyre free range. When in the coop and "side-run" she doesnt let them up the ramp to the coop. Will they just wait for her to sleep and sneak in?
The new birds are 20 weeks. Lizzie is 2 years. There are 3 in totaly. All successfully in the coop now! :) (feeling proud ) she will just have to get used to them.

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