Anticipating flooding in chicken run--ideas?


Jul 6, 2020
We had a foot of snow last week and anticipate 2" - 3" of rain tomorrow and Friday (Christmas day). Plus it will get to 60 degrees, so a perfect recipe for flooding. I have a covered run, 80 square '. Has 6" of deep litter mulch. It's on a slight slope, so I built channels to divert rain away from it. Works well when there's no snow on the ground. But I know it won't manage the melt and heavy rain. (Also, run is enclosed by tarps for winter protection.)

The only solution I came up with was to buy extra bags of bark mulch to top off the litter after the storm, assuming it does get drenched. (Hated to spend the money, but all the extra mulch I have is buried under the snow. Ugh, I should have tarped it!)

Any other ideas out there?

Run in good weather: Run after last week's snow:

first big snow.jpg
Thanks! I thought about pallets but can't get them home in my car. I already have several platforms, roosts, etc., so that should help.
Blocks, boards, etc. might work since they're easier to get into a car.

A few random pieces of log, on end or on their side would do as well.

Even an overturned plastic chair -- I keep a couple in my pen for spending time with my chickens and turn them upside down to keep the poop off the seats. They like to sit on them when I'm not using them.

I'd post a photo of that, but I'm on the Chromebook and the photos are on the desktop.
No worries! I also have a plastic chair in the run. Plus a multi-level roost, wooden crate on it's side, ladder, rubber tire, etc. If they're ambitious enough, they could go through most of the run without touching the ground. I'm starting to feel better about this. They won't float away.
Ugh, that's tough. I flooded twice last year and locked my chickens in the coop at those times, but your coop is simply too small for that.

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Could you possibly move them into a garage or shed/barn until the flooding has receded?
Oh my! I don't anticipate it getting that bad! Their coop is raised so that will stay dry. I can open the nest box to give them more space. That would be ok for a day. I can also set them up in the garage or basement in an emergency.
Works well when there's no snow on the ground. But I know it won't manage the melt and heavy rain.
I've fund my trenches work pretty well during a thaw.
Especially when the ground is still 'warm'.
Might want to try ans shovel some snow away from trenches so you can see if they are flowing.
Keep the extra much on hand in case you need it and maybe a pallet or two.

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