Antique Incubator

at the right price, I would buy it in a heartbeat.. It looks to me like it does have egg turning trays.

ask the seller if it does have auto egg turner..
also ask what voltage it is.. 110V or 220V If you have access to 220V , so much the better...

I don't think the seller actually knows what he has there.. go look at it, immediately, or it will be gone..

I do not think ithas to be rewired.. judging by what I can see..

and I am also guessing that itis a 110V because of the electric motor shown..

how much does he want for it? if it is in working order or very close to it, I would give $600.oo for it..

the trays on the bottom look like hatching tras to me, which makes me think that the upper trays are auto turners..
Yikes $600? There's no way I could spend that much on it. I have an email into the person asking a bunch of questions and trying to get a sense of how much he/she wants for it. After the number you threw out (which sounds like you think would be a pretty good deal) I'm thinking I probably can't afford this. I'll keep my fingers crossed though!

I'll let you know more when I hear back from the seller.
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whoa !! I only said how much I would pay for it.. the guy might take a lot less and then you will know what a good deal you got..

actually new ones like that with turners etc sell for about $2000.oo to $4000.oo...
Haha, you're right. If I can get it within my budget I'll feel like I got a great deal now!

Thank you!
good luck.. let me know when you get it home..

to let you know . I have a couple of large incubators like that.. each one of the trays cost at least $75.oo used, IF you can find them..
I haven't heard back from the seller... maybe it's already gone and they haven't taken the post down. The good news is that the DH is totally on board (I didn't know if he would be) so if we hear back from the seller we'll be ready to zip right down there this weekend. I think the DH is even more into it than I am! I'll update you if I hear from the seller!
Absolutely buy it.My brother has one similar to it,but we don't know who manufactures it.It was made in Texas,a special order product.His works great.If you can't find parts for it,rebuild it with GQF parts.
There is a palce in my Gazette book that sells parts to a lot of brands.I will find it and post the contact info.
In N.H.,Tony.Wow,Biddeford,Me is only 45 mins from me.
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