Any good stories interacting with "non"-chicken people?


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Mar 21, 2010
I need a few laughs for this long week coming up. Any good funny short stories you care to share concerning dealing with people not experienced with chickens would be enjoyed!

A dear lady at work that knows I raise chickens stopped by my office one morning and wanted to know if I had a minute to answer a "chicken" question. Always willing to chat chickens, I asked what her question was. She said that she and her husband went to a local farmer's market and saw an basket of "range eggs" that looked good, but because they didn't know what they were, they didn't take any.

I asked how much the vendor was selling them for, she got a strange look on her face. "Price on them?, nothing, they were FREE, but we just didn't want to take them beacause we have never heard of RANGE EGGS before". It took me a minute to comprehend as I asked her to sketch out the sign:

*** FREE ***

I didn't laugh out loud until after I explained their mis-reading of the sign and she left my office with a promise from me to bring her some true FREE RANGE EGGS the next day.



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May 11, 2010
In the local market bulletin I found 'seed chicks' for sale. Someone else had 'pasture eggs' for sale. Not sure what either one could be!


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Apr 22, 2008
Well, this isn't a chicken one but it is farm related. We work closely with a local farm that runs a CSA, has a cow share,etc. They also run tours for school groups and anyone else who wants to do a farm tour. A friend of mine does the school tours. During one tour, the group had just gotten to the petting zoo where there are goats, sheep, a turkey, ducks, etc. One of the teachers who came with the school kids called the kids over to see one of the sheep. She announced to the group "Look kids; this is where we get cotton from!" Ummmm, yeah.

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I have a hilarious chicken story. Several years back, a co-worker rented a place in the country. He asked if he bought some chickens from me if they would stick around. I told him to let them see him spread feed at the house, & locate the water there also. I told him they should stick around. Knowing he's a city-slicker, I jokeingly said "The hard part is when you have to catch 'em to milk 'em." You should have seen the serious look on his face. "You have to milk them?" The rest of us hit the floor with laughter. Later that day, his kids got off the bus at work, since they moved to the country. His 7 yr. old daughter came in & he said to her, trying the same joke, "Hey, did you know we have to catch the chickens & milk them?" Her reply was, "Don't be stupid, you milk cows, not chickens." Thus, another great laugh!

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Jan 4, 2009
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So I typically stay up too late watching tv and fall asleep in front of the box. Late nights QVC and other shopping channels come on. I woke up to hear the peddlers talking about kitchen decor, specifically roosters. And they have these figurines.,,and spend the next 15 minutes discussing whether they are male roosters or female roosters! Even had a call-in person weighing in on it. They all finally agreed that these were female rooster figurines!

Sonoran Silkies

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Jan 4, 2009
Tempe, Arizona
Well, there is the other story about the time I entered GoldeMaine in a Halloween Costume Contest at Petco. He was dressed up in a dracula cape that I made him. Someone asked if he was a chicken, and when I said "Yes," aother lady in line insisted that he was a rooster, not a chicken!
She said she knew, because zhe used to raise chickens when she was a child!
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