Any Home Bakers Here?


Jun 9, 2020
SW Michigan
It would make an awesome grilled cheese sandwich!
Even ugly bread makes good grilled cheese of my favorite things!
This recipe does make amazing grilled cheeses (especially grilled grilled cheeses)!
Great looking bread there
Thank you! I love how encouraging and supportive everyone is on here!
:drool . I wish I was their grandmother
Aww!! If I knew anything about shipping food, I would send you a loaf!

Thanks, again, to everyone for the compliments!


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Feb 24, 2013
Natrona County, Wyoming
My Coop
discovered me and raisin do not agree too much iron in them really messed my system buy like them always have
If you cover the raisins with water, bring it to a boil , cool and drain before using, it will plump the raisins and reduce the total amount of iron in them. Whether or not it will reduce the iron by enough to help you is something I do not know. As strong as the discarded liquid tastes, it is taking a lot of something out of the raisins.

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