any hope?

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    Apr 19, 2011
    I have 2 dogs. A black lab x border collie, a big gentle girl. Worries so bad over the chicks and ducklings, will let them climb on her and sleep with her.
    Dog 2 is a border collie x whippet(the vet thinks).

    Problem 1) dog 1(snickers), I think she thinks she's a chicken. She wants in the coop with them, but she is way to big. and 2, she eats the chicks food.
    I stop her when I catch her(with the food), but she tries to sneak it. Weird dog, psycho, or she thinks she's a chick?
    Problem 2) Hannah(dog 2) Killed one of our chicks. I don't think it was malicious, I think she was trying to play. She doesn't know how to be gentle. She used to drag our kitten around by her head, the kitten had spiked hair from dog drool. That lasted a few months, the cat put up with it to. She's stopped doing it.
    Is there hope she can be taught to leave the chicks alone? If so, HOW? I'm at a loss.

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