Any idea if this cochin is a girl or boy?


7 Years
Apr 26, 2012
I have a partridge cochin who will be 4 weeks old in two days. A couple of questions - is it too soon to tell the sex? I just started noticing a pinkish-reddish color in the comb yesterday (was hatched April 30). The feathers are coming in slowly (see pics), but I have heard that cochins are slow to feather and/or mature. Is it normal to have some bare spots on the wings? Also, some of the feathers on the wings are not nice and flat like some of my other (non-cochin) chicks. Is this normal? I got this chicken from My Pet Chicken; it was supposed to be a white cochin, so they already messed up with the color, now I'm wondering if they messed up the gender too :( They say their accuracy rating is about 90% so I know this could be a possibility. To their credit, they refunded the cost of the chick due to the color error. Thanks for any feedback you can give me.

Aack! You people are killing me - LOL! Are you basing your guess on the comb or lack of feathers? Would a girl have more feathers by now?
I meant to post this under the "Cochin" thread. Does anyone know how I can get it moved?

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