Any Plymouth Rock breeders out there?


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Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga

I will eventually be looking to buy a few Partridge Rocks chicks or eggs to do some experimental breeding. I am trying to quit buying chicks from hatcheries and find breeders who put quality over quantity. If anyone has or will have some, please let me know, but it will be a little while before I will be ready for some. I may also be interested in other breeder quality varieties of Rocks such as Buff, BBS, Silver, Columbian, and good quality Barreds( I already have hatchery stock BRs).

I would also love to see pics of Partridge Rocks, as well as BBS Orps, BBS Rocks, Buff Rocks, SP Rocks, and Mottled Javas
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Wish you were closer. I'm buying BRs from a guy near Pensacola who has four or five Partridge Rock roos. Thinking of bringing one of the home, too. $5.
Here's one of my Silver Penciled Rock pullets (breeder stock):


I think this variety is just gorgeous, and they JUST began to lay! Yippee!
Finding breeders of the other colors than the barreds and whites is hard. For Partridge there are very few like half a dozen. You might find one or two thru the Plymouth Rock club and a couple thru ALBC. Most of us right now have hatchery stock we are breeding up since we could not get from a breeder this past year. The show stock in partridge is almost gone as those that were breeding them stopped. I would say the best place is ALBC right now for getting better stock or the small hatcheries like Mt Healthy and Privette.
Thanks for your reply, I saw your post for hatching eggs and I may get back to you later on some of those, I ordered 10 SP Rocks from Mcmurray and didn't have much luck. when they were younger all but 3 roos and a hen died. On of the roos was later killed by a hawk, I sold one and kept a pair for breeding. The hen was about 9 mos before she started laying and I only hatched 3 chicks from the pair before the hen just randomly died, I have no idea why she seemed fine the day she died. I then sold the only roo I had left. You are the only breeder I have found since then that has them.

I have hatchery SLWs coming up right now and I will have to see how they do. If I decide to replace the SLW flock later on, I had planned on trying to get some from Katy when she gets her line built up. But I am more interested in rare breeds and those SP rock are very rare so I may decide to get some of those.

Edit: Sorry Wynette, that was ugly ducks post I was referring to. Do you or will you be selling eggs?
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I have non hatchery Buff's but no current pictures..sorry it's nothing but mud around here.They are hard to find but they are out there.I'm still working on expanding my rock collection as well.
I have heard that you all are getting flooded with rain up that way. I would love to see pics of your Buff Rocks when you can, if they haven't all floated away by

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