any suggestions on a transportable coop design?

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  1. we will be moving to another place and we will be taking the chickens with us. only eleven kilometers down a gravel road. got a small fenced are and i'm planning of making it chicken proof. the coop will be on wheels and a motor bike or ute will tow it around. it will be lifted of the ground by hand via a handle which will leaver it up and hoist it off the ground. then i would jak up the front attach it to a motorised vechel and move it to a new spot, the flooring would be mesh covered with straw or hay with coop designs e.g nests,roosts.
    the fine stuff falls through and would have a storage tank for water at the front. it will be welded together onto a frame. it is to house 15-25 birds.[​IMG][​IMG] it will be once it is in its designated area it will stay thier
  2. i don't rekon i could buy that let alone the freight charges. going have to make it myself out of scrap materials
  3. stevephillips79

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    Aug 20, 2010
    Hi Friend,
    I read your message and thanks for posting this message. It's correct that some of those fancy chicken coop designs are terribly enticing, but if you're only starting, it's best to make it simple. Your chicks will grow quickly and will shortly have to be moved into their permanent home.
    Thank you


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  4. all ready started. got a chicken coop with permanant run. had it for about eight years. once i make it i will transport them over after i build the fence and home sweet home.

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