Any suggestions on baby chicks breeds?


Nov 11, 2020

We have 3 roos- one black silkie, one white silkie and a black copper maran. Rachel my RI red decided to lay on a batch of eggs, the other girls (buff orpington, barred rock, black maran, lavender/grey orpington, RI reds) took advantage and laid eggs for Rachel to hatch. So far I have a buff orpington/silkie mixed looking one and this black one... no clue who she's from, any thoughts? My question is- can two roosters fertilize one egg? Probably unlikely, but thought I'd ask! Both babies were born yesterday, so ill get more pics when they come out for some sunshine today.
Two roos can fertilize a female but only one will actually fertilize each egg, becoming the father.

Pics would help for your mystery chick but a lot of those combinations could give you black so it might be tough this early. Obviously the black silkie and bcm have black chicks but so will many lavender orpingtons when bred to a bird without the self blue gene. Fun puzzle to try to figure out!
Here's what they look like today (well pics taken from a month or so ago). Looks like the winners were the Copper Maran and Barred Rock, with Brendan the rooster. The other three were silkie mixes- Figgy, Fran and Beth. Two buff orpington and one black maran.


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