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Sep 8, 2012
I am leading a workshop on raising baby chicks for a mother/daughter gathering at our church on Saturday. I am looking for some kind of game that can be done to fill some of the time I have to fill. There will be about a dozen in the workshop. Any ideas?
Lol you could always make everyone do the chicken dance ;)

Bring a box and show them candling, if you have the eggs to do it. Everyone likes this especially kids and it's a useful skill to learn

if you have chicks you could do anything from a petting zoo type thing to a chick race lol just keep them supervised and safe!

Kids love silkies!! Idk if you have any but they are always a hit!
My chicks are past the cute stage and since there is a meal planned in the room next to the one I am doing my workshop and I wasn't sure how stressful it would be I would rather not take any birds- besides they are such a pain to catch :) I only have boring Red Sex Link hens and pullets so I don't have eggs to candle or fancy breeds to show off. I do plan on bringing eggs as I have quite a variety of shades and sizes. I will bring all my brooder set up and have made up a simple power point. I also have a new mason jar feeder that I fill with some M&M's Chocolate should keep ladies and girls happy. :)

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