Anybody due today 9/26? 3 so far


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May 27, 2009
I started with 19 of cj's silky eggs and tossed 10 at day 8 so I have 9 in there now that I think were still alive on day 18. I started day 21 at 5 pm last night. I had 2 pips when I got home last night but one is in the wrong end. That one had made a pretty big hole in the egg and has it's beak sticking out. It is still moving and cheeping in there. I got one more pip last night and another this morning so 4 trying to get out. It looks like the 3rd one to pip is zipping now. The cheeping is getting louder.

I have to go run the kids around now so I will ge gone for a few hours which has to be a good thing. I really want to reach in there and help them out. I thouhgt for sure I would have seen more progress by now
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I am not due today, but I have one turkey pipping. It is also taking a long time. Good luck. I have some of cj's eggs in the bator now, but they aren't due to hatch until next month.

Noisy peep was born at 3:10 pm
He is cheeping his brothers and sisters on like crazy
It's so cute when he flops o his back and decides to take a little nap
His belly looks a little red but not too bad. He seems very strong based on the peeping.

My wrong end baby is still very much alive but I am sure that it piped through a blood vessel. My humidity dropped so I had to get open it to get more water in there so I grabbed the egg and picked a small piece off. The membrane underneath has dried blood on it. The good thing is that she protested very loudly to being picked up so she still has a fighting chance.

As of right now I have 1 hatch, 1 zip and 3 more pips including my wrong ender. There are 4 that haven't done anything yet
I am so sorry about the RIR
I am afraid that is going to happen to my little one that piped the wrong end. It seems like the ones that piped yesterday are having a harder time than the ones that piped today. The one that made it out didn't pipe until after 9 am today.
What a cutie! I loaned my neighbor my incubator, their daughter is 13 and hatching 5 eggs ~ her first time.

She is 3 for 3 with the eggs set on day 1 ~ we'll see how the other two do that she set on day 2.

I told her I was JEALOUS that 2 hatched on day 19 and one on day 20!!!!! She is hooked!
We got a LIVE one! One of the eggs have completely hatched out. 2 of them that were piped were having a struggle so I kept an eye on them. The shells were falling off as they kick and move around but it looks like something is stuck to them. Is that what I was reading in a before post which the person called it Siran Wrap? What should I do?

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